Light Pole Billboards

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 Light Pole Billboards, Rigid Sign Boards, Combine with Swivel Pro™ as a Light Pole Cover


Windigo Signs® is the manufacturer of the Swivel Pro™ Light Pole Sign. We sell directly to the trade only including sign shops, advertising agencies, marketing companies and event planners. Click here to join us as a reseller.

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TEMPE AZ, Windigo Signs is Revolutionizing Outdoor Sign Advertising. Get ready to harness untapped marketing potential and pave the way for fresh streams of income with this groundbreaking invention.

Windigo Signs leads the way with 5 new innovative hardware products and 5 new cutting edge graphic options that promise to transform the landscape of outdoor retail advertising. Presenting the Swivel Pro Light Pole Sign, featuring an exclusive wind release spring swivel arm and making use of a durable outdoor sign board that outperforms existing vinyl banner alternatives in the market. This synergy enables your company to generate extra profits from hardware, design, graphics, installation, and foster enduring relationships with your clients.

Rest easy, as Windigo Signs provides a 1-year warranty for both the hardware and sign boards, ensuring your peace of mind.


Presenting the ultimate solution to elevate visibility and make bold statement with your outdoor signage: the Light Pole Billboard. Expanding your advertising space by an impressive 12″ to 18″, this innovative addition seamlessly integrates into your custom design, creating a larger and more attention-grabbing sign that effectively communicates your message. Ideal for diverse applications, from urban landscapes to commercial venues such as car dealerships, airports, parking lots, and educational institutions, these pole billboards revolutionize outdoor advertising. Utilize them alongside any of our light pole sign systems or as a standalone feature, ensuring your business stands out as the most visually captivating on the block.`

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