Fitted Table Covers – 3 sided (SKU:TCTSD)

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This kind of fitted table cover is sewn down the corners to match the shape of the table and offer a clean, sleek presentation. If you are preparing for an exhibition, it is suggested that you choose our fitted table covers with an open back which could provide storage for your small objects, make your table platform clean.

1. For a custom-sized table cover, pls enter the size of table cover you need rather than the size of your table, If you are not sure about the table cover size, pls contact our sales or send email to first 2. If you choose 300D Fluorescent Polyester, pls be noted that logos with colours lighter than the background colour (fluorescent yellow/orange) are not recommended.

Tablecloth Fabrics
Available Tablecloth Fabrics

If you want to set up an indoor display that needs a higher quality of flame
retardance, then Flame-retardant 300D
want to choose a budget-friendly fitted table cover, then165g 300D polyester would be a good choice. While if you are preparing for an advertising display at night, the fluorescent polyester tablecloth will help you stand out.
Material: Wrinkle-resistant and flame-retardant 300D polyester
Weight: 165g/m²
Features: Most recommended
Wrinkle-resistant & Flame retardant
Suit for both indoor and outdoor displays

Tablecloth Sizes
Standard Sizes & Custom Sizes Available

We offer table covers of standard sizes to fit 6ft and 8ft display tables. Also, we can offer a matching print service for your customized display table. Just tell us your table sizes and we can do the matched table cover.

Tablecloth Details
Classy Fitted Table Covers & Full-Color Dye Sublimation

Premium polyester tablecloths with perfect fitting are a good choice to accommodate all your indoor and outdoor table decorating needs. The clean and classy fitted table cover design adds a visual element to any table settings while giving a protective and decorative effect to your banquet or wedding tables. With such a high standard material printed by full-color dye sublimation, our fitted polyester tablecloth is an ideal choice to enhance the elegance of your display tables at your upcoming events.

Product Care

All our table covers are washable with cold water and mild detergent. After washing, please use air dry or iron dry it at a low setting. The life span of the table cover depends on both display and storage situations. Before storage, please make sure the whole piece is clean and dry.


Q: How many colors can you use in the printing logo?
A: We use CMYK for printing, so you can use as many colors as you like.

Q: Can you make a customized table cover for me?
A: Yes, the fitted table cover sizes are 4', 6' and 8' in our store, but the size of the fitted table cover can also be customized according to your table sizes or template sizes. If you need customized sizes, please contact our representatives for customer service.

Q: Is the fabric flame retardant?
A: Yes, we have custom flame-retardant fabrics for selection.

Q: Can I wash or iron my table cover?
A: Yes, you can clean and smooth your tablecloth by hand-wash and ironing.

Q: Will the fabrics fade? How long does it last?
A: To prevent fading and maintain color stability, we use sublimation print to ensure the fast color.

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