Car Top Lighted Sign – Model 2 Medium

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Car Top Lighted Sign - Model 2 Medium

Create visual impressions that deliver your custom message and help to establish your local presence with our Model 2 car top lighted sign! Our custom magnetic car top lighted signs are one of the most cost-effective marketing and advertising strategies. On an average day, car top lighted signs can reach up to 70,000 visual impressions. Car top lighted signs are a great way to advertise your delivery, courier, driving school, ride share or taxi business while making normal rounds and deliveries.

Model 2 Features
Day and Night Advertising:

Our versatile car toppers deliver an effective custom message day and night to your local market. Let your customers know important details about your business including the fact that you do deliveries, phone number, website, products, services, specials and much more. Generate more sales, deliver more impressions, create more advertising space, create impulse buyers and own your local market.

Model 2 Options
Easy to Use

Simply place the Model 2 car top lighted sign on top of the vehicle and plug the adaptor into the cigarette lighter. The 4-sided car topper magnetic lighted signs are made with durable, high-quality plastic that will last years. The super strong magnetic feet are covered with a soft stretch fabric to protect the vehicle surface and are rated up to 65 MPH. Features 2 magnetic feet mounts with soft fabric covers.

NOTE: Magnetic mount not for use on aluminum topped vehicles, sunroofs, vinyl roofs, etc.

Model 2 Car Top Sign Options

USB Adaptor for Cigarette Lighter
Graphic Design

Model 2 Benefits
Custom Designs Available:

You can purchase blank car top signs or you can select the custom option and include the 4 side back let graphic decals. We use the top-of-the-line 3M back lit products and 3M protective lamination for long lasting vibrant colors. Our graphic design team can create your custom message that will accentuate your business while gaining you more exposure and sales.

Product Care

Prior to each use, inspect the sign and magnets to make sure they are working properly. Make sure that there are at least four magnets present and that they are secured well. Inspect both the the roof surface and the magnets, and make sure that any debris is cleaned off away from both of those things. Don't use any magnet covers that aren't specifically designated for car top signs as they can damage the vehicle or lead to the sign detaching from the vehicle.

Questions & Answers

Q: How do I attach the sign?

A: Attach your sign to a flat metal surface located 6" back from the windshield, avoiding any slats or grooves in the roof surface. It's okay for your sign to be either parallel or perpendicular in position to the windshield. All of the magnets need to lay flat on the surface and feel fully secure.

Q: How do I remove the sign?

A: Lift up one edge of the sign gently so that the magnets can detach from the roof surface two at a time.

Q: How fast can I drive my vehicle with the sign attached?

A: Never exceed the speed of 65 MPH if you're driving a vehicle with any signs attached.

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