Feather Flags – Convex

Starting from $55


1.If you don’t need an accessories package, you can also purchase pole, carrying bags, etc.
2.If you choose fluorescent fabrics, pls note that:
①As the computer cannot display the fluorescent effect, there will be a slight difference between the artwork effect and the actual printing effect.
②Logos with a color lighter than the background color are not recommended.
③When we receive your artwork file, our artwork person will review and determine whether the fluorescence effect can be displayed first.

Start your promotion with display flags that is quite lightweight and enables you to enjoy a flexible and convenient display.
Meanwhile, our display flags are customizable with various shapes and multiple hardware for you to select from. If you plan to catch more attention at the upcoming trade show or promotion activity, then our display flags are certain to help you achieve it.

Advertising Flag Fabrics
Various Fabric Options for Any Event Display

CFM, an expert of fabrics, provides a wide range of fabrics to fit your different display needs and budgets. Want to find a quality flag fabric of high-cost effectiveness? Then 110g Knitted Polyester is a must-have. If you need to display your flags at night.

Advertising Flag Details
Printing: Single- vs. Double-Sided Options

You can do more than design your custom flags. Check out the differences between single- and double-sided printing to decide which one is right for you. For single-sided advertising flags, your design will be printed on the front of a single piece of fabric. While for the double-sided flags, the design will be printed on the front and back of the fabrics.

Advertising Flag Sizes
Standard Sized & Custom Sized Flags Available

Advertising display flags from 8ft, 11ft, 16ft to custom sizes are available at wIndigosign online store. If you already have the flag pole and accessories, we can also do the flag match printing.

High-Quality Flag Accessories for Repeated Uses

The deluxe ones will be of higher accessories quality. More than that, we have 5 different packages for your needs, more details are as below.

Product Care

All our flags are washable with cold water and mild detergent. After washing, please use air dry or iron dry it at a low setting. The life span of the advertising flag depends on both display and storage situations. Before storage, please make sure the whole piece is clean and dry.

Questions & Answers

Q: Can you customize the size of the display flags?
A: We offer more than 50 display flag templates for you to select from. Or send us the specific sizes of hardware, we can also make the customized display flag to suit it.

Q: Can you make the opaque display flag?
A: Yes, we will sew an interlayer to increase the thickness of the display flag, there are 2 different interlayer fabrics for choice.

Q: How long does the flagpole last?
A: Premier frame with high performance, like aluminum tubes, fiberglass and fiber reinforce plastic poles are used. The life of a flagpole depends on where it is used. Normally, the flagpole has a warranty of at least 6 months.

Q: How do you pack the display flag? How about the size of the bag?
A: We will use OPP bag and PVC bag of different sizes for packaging to fit your needs.

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