10′ x 20′ Canopy Tent

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1. For side walls, please go to Half Wall & Full Wall page.
2. If you want finished product photos of a whole set of the tent, please purchase half walls and full walls on this page, and please combine all artworks in one file and upload. (click “More Option”, you’ll see side wall options. Please click the 2 “No” buttons to make all options OK to click first)
3.Our tent top can only match our frame, if you need customized tent tops to match your own frames, please contact us.

Equipped with a high-quality tent frame, our advertising tents can guarantee stability even in some small windy weather. Perfect for all kinds of indoor and outdoor uses, whether it is a trade show, an exhibition, a sports event, or a new product launch. Besides, a specially designed wheel bag makes the tent kit convenient to take around.

Tent Top
Dye Sublimated on Durable 600D PU Polyester

When making the tent tops and tent back walls & half walls, we use 600D PU polyester. This 600D polyester is not only durable, but also flame retardant, water proof and UV protection. Also, all our canopy tent tops are full color dye sublimated, which ensures a clear and crisp color.

Freely Select the Tent Packages for Your Events

We offer several display packages to meet your different demands. The standard and budget-friendly package of tent top with tent frame is suitable for most of your display needs. If you want to have your logo and marketing message double-exposed, you can also add full walls and half walls to upgrade your package. Single-sided and double-sided printings are both optional for half walls and full walls.

Tent Frame
Foldable Tent Frame for Convenient Display

Though large in display size, canopy tents are easy to use. With a foldable tent frame and adjustable legs, it just takes a few minutes for 1-2 persons to set up the tent. Also, our tent frame is packed with a wheel bag, ensuring you move it around easily. If it is for an outdoor display, we also offer sandbags, ropes, and ground spikes to make it steady even in some windy weather.

Product Care

Every time after the display event, please make sure the fabric top is clean and dry for storage, as a long time outdoor display and wrong packing may reduce the lifetime of the canopy tent. If there is any dirt on the fabric, please hand wash it with cold water and mild detergent.


Q: Can the color of hems be consistent with the color of the tent?

A: Yes, we will choose the same-color hems based on the ground color of the tent.

Q: Can you make the canopy or the full wall in one piece?

A: Influenced by the limited sizes of fabrics, we will make two pieces stitch together professionally and seamlessly to ensure integrated and perfect logos.

Q: How to maintain the stability of the tent in outdoor use?

A: Three ways to increase the stability are available for your option.

l Wind buckle with sandbag

l Adjustable buckle with webbing

l Velcros with sandbag

Q: How to avoid water leakage in outdoor use?

A: We will use hot air tapes in all seam lines to avoid leakage.

Q: How to clean the tent?

A: Considering the coating on the fabric, you’d better not use the cleanser. Wiping the dirty places with gentle soap is a good choice.

Q: Can you customize the printing to match my hardware?

A: Yes, no matter where you get your display hardware and no matter which type of display hardware you have, we can print the exact graphics to match it.

Q: How do you pack the tent graphic and hardware?

A: Generally, we will pack the tent graphic, hardware, and wheel package separately to avoid damage to wheels in transportation.

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